Justin Sun Opens Up on the Charity Lunch with Warren Buffett

Justin Sun, the Tron CEO has recently shared a few things about the famous Power of One Charity Lunch. Notably, he had paid over $4.5 million for the lunch.

Justin Sun finally had his moment with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, when the infamous Power of One Charity Lunch, for which he paid over $4.5 million via an auction bid, saw the light on January 23. The high-profile lunch was in the news for several weeks last year, until it was abruptly canceled after reports of a crackdown on the TRON team in China by Chinese authorities.

In reality, one of the major reasons for the crackdown was the over-promotion of the lunch by Sun, who went on to invite several famous personalities, including US President Donald Trump.

However, a number of months after the cancellation, the lunch has finally happened, albeit secretly. As per a recent announcement by the TRON chief, he had his lunch date with Buffett at Happy Hollow Club in Omaha, Nebraska. Opening up about the event, Justin Sun shared a post on Medium describing his experience with the Berkshire Hathaway CEO.

As per the post, the 28-year-old entrepreneur presented the old man quite a few unique gifts, which included a bronze horse figurine, a paper cutting of the Year of the Mouse, a set of plates with TRON logo and matching chopsticks, a copy of Sun’s book “Brave New World,” and a TRON Blockchain embedded Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Sun said that he apologized to Buffett for delaying the lunch in the first place, to which the 88-year-old investment king expressed his pleasure that they were finally meeting. He also stated that though he paid a high amount to win the auction bid at $4.5 million, he would have gone up to $10 million if it was required. He said,

“Mr. Buffett followed up and asked me, how much was your budget for the auction? I said, “10 million USD.” Mr. Buffett asked was it you or the team handling the bid. I said, “my team was closely monitoring everything, but I was the one handling it.”

You can read Justin Sun’s entire post here.

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