Wyre Announces Partnership with Blockstream to Support Liquid Bitcoin

Crypto payments development platform Wyre announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with crypto-blockchain solutions company Blockstream, to introduce support for Liquid Bitcoin. As per a tweet by Wyre, it has become the first fiat on-ramp platform in the United States to support the Liquid Network.

As per the official blog on its website, the L-BTC will now be available on Blockstream’s new website, and users can buy L-BTC from the Wyre Widget on the website. It further added,

“We believe this will be great for people who want to get started with Liquid — with a small amount of L-BTC you are able to cover fees for transacting with Liquid assets (e.g. USDT) or even issue your own assets with a Liquid node.”

Wyre is one of the pioneers in the crypto space that is working towards enhancing the payment capabilities of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Blockstream is one of the world’s leading platforms that provide blockchain-based financial solutions. The company’s inter-exchange Liquid Exchange Network has been working towards facilitating interactions between various trading networks. The network has a strong base of over 30 prominent members, which includes biggies like BitMEX, OKCoin, Bitfinex etc.

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